The Asia Pacific Research Management Conference (APMRC) is an annual activity organized by the PPM School of Management. Every  year,  the APMRC brings together attendees consisting academics and professionals to address mutual challenges and share information.

Asia Pacific Management Research Conference has four years of history starting from 2017 and has been held three times, for now, collecting hundreds of papers and participants joining our conference. Here are the brief history of APMRC:

  1. The 1st APMRC was themed for “Transformation towards Sustainable and Innovative Organizations” held in Lombok, November 2017 by PPM School of Management in collaboration with Mataram University. 
  2. The 2nd APMRC was themed for “Innovation and Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Development” held in November 2018 by PPM School of Management in collaboration with Vietnam National University, Foreign Trade University, and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  3. The 3rd APMRC was themed for “Digitalization – The Way to Tourism Destination’s Competitive Advantage” held in Bali,  November 2019 by PPM School of Management in collaboration with Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Asia University. 

The theme of this year’s conference (The 4th APMRC) is: “Survive or Die : The Way Businesses Respond to Covid-19’s Crushing Blow”. This year the conference hosted by PPM School of Management (Indonesia), Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Economics and Management (Vietnam), Department of Business Administration – Asia University, (Taiwan) and Faculty of Business – Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (Indonesia). Through this activity, scientific papers were presented in management science by academics and practitioners from various educational institutions and companies throughout Indonesia. This year marks the 4th international conference held hybrid (offline venue will be held at Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Indonesia) on May, 18th -20th 2022.


The research topics presented at the APMRC related to management and economics can include the following derivative topics but are not limited to:

  1. Strategic Management 
  2. Risk Management 
  3. Human Resources/Capital 
  4. Marketing Management 
  5. Operations and Supply Chain 
  6. Cost Management 
  7. Organizational Behavior 
  8. Sustainable Business Development 
  9. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  10. Hospitality and Tourism 
  11. Corporate Governance 
  12. Business Law 
  13. Finance and Accounting Management 
  14. Economics 
  1. Coaching Clinic
  2. E-Certificate
  3. Free Proceeding Publication Fee (WoS Indexed)
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Extended Abstract Submission Deadline  :
December 15th, 2021
Notification of Abstract Acceptance :
January 31st, 2022
Payment Deadline :
February 15th, 2022
Full Paper Submission Deadline :
February 26th,  2022
Full Paper Revision (if applicable) :
April 30th, 2022
Conference Date :
May 18th -20th, 2022
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